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Multi Line Sugar/Salt Stick Packing Machine LD-10L

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Suitable for Stick Packing Of Small Granule, Such As Sugar, Salt, Aginomoto, Desiccant, Health Products Industry and So On.

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We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:    Multi line sugar sachet packing machine LD-10L

English and Chinese screen display, operation is sample.

PLC computer system, function is more stable, adjustment any parameters not need stop machine.

It can stock ten groups of parameters, simple to change variety.

Servo motor drawing film, positing accurately.

Temperature independent control system, precision get to 1 degree.

Horizontal, vertical temperature control, suitable for various of mix film, PE film bag material etc.

Filling product Powder 
Filling volume 1-40ml
Lane 5 lanes
Max.packing width 320mm
Width of bag 15-40mm
Bag length range 35-200
Packing material core diameter Φ70—Φ76mm
Total power (Kw)8kW
Filling accuracy ±5%
Power supply 380V 50Hz
Compressed air consumption 0.25m3/h
Max.width of packing material(roll film) 380mm
Max.outer diameter of packing material(roll film)Φ300mm
Max.cutting frequency Max.35bags/min/lane X 5lanes,it is depended on size of actual bags.
Max.capacity Max.140bags/min
Weight 1350kg

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