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Automatic Filling Machine Line To Fill And Pack Pet Juice With Bottles For Panama Customer

Sep. 23, 2023

Published by: Nancy-Landpack

Date: 2023-08-01

This customer is from Panama, he has very clear filling and packing requirements for his pet juice filling machine line, and finally, he purchased an automatic filling line, including a filling machine, a capping machine, and a labeling machine.

automatic piston filler

Customer inquiry:

The customer sent his inquiry to Alibaba first, and we talked about more details on Alibaba and WeChat.

bottle filling machine automatic

Customer-first stated his own needs:

1. Product name: pet juice

2. Required equipment: filling machine, closing cap machine, and labeling machine

3. Requirement: The whole line is linear in the same line, less than 6 meters

According to these requirements, we introduced a similar filling solution for the juice filling line to the customer, and then communicated more details about the juice features, filling range in one bottle, bottle type, cap type, production capacity in one hour, and other machine requirements, etc.

automatic liquid filling line

automatic liquid bottle filling machine price

automatic liquid filling and capping machine

After our communication, we got the main points below:

1. Product name: pet juice

2. Product features: two types: pure like water and soft cream like yogurt without particles)

3. Filling range: 250ml-1000ml

4. Bottle and cap type: round bottle with a screw cap

5. Production capacity: 1200 bottles per hour

6. Line length requirement: the whole line is about 6 meters

Based on these requirements, our engineer made the detailed solution and drawing to the customer immediately, and then based on the drawing, we sent the detailed offer to the customer to check.

automatic liquid filling machine factory

automatic liquid filling machine manufacturers

After checking our proposal and quotation, the customer was very satisfied but also suggested some changes. After communicating the customer's requirements, we changed the 4-head filling machine into a 6-head filling machine and labeling machine for shape bottles, and then added an air compressor in the new offer.

automatic liquid filling machine supplier

automatic liquid filling machine suppliers

automatic liquid filling sealing machine

Finally, to follow up and confirm with the customer the bottle shape decision, he finally decided on the square-shaped bottles for their pet juice.

He decided to use transparent labels on one side because this kind of labeling and labeling methods require different labeling machines and configurations, so we later changed the new solution to the customer according to the customer's label characteristics.

filling line

bottling machines for sale

bottle filling line

filling line machine

bottling line for sale

After the suitable and detailed solution, the customer is worried about the technical support after buying the machine from us.

We have a professional after-sales service team to help our customers when using and operating the machines online at first, and we will make a special talking group to support the after-sales service online to help solve any problems online.

filling line equipment

automatic liquid filling line

Customers recognized our after-sales service very much and expressed their desire to cooperate.

Then we made the PI, and the customer paid the deposit within 15 minutes after the invoice was issued, and sent us the bank slip.

filling labeling capping machine

automatic filling capping and labelling machine

liquid filling line machine

liquid filling line manufacturers

If you also have a similar project and want to upgrade to an auto-packaging solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get custom-made solutions accordingly.

We updated the machine production situations to our customer to know their machines are going production and sent some machine pictures for his checking.

liquid filling production line

liquid filling packaging line

After 45 working days, we tested the machines with the bottles and caps samples sent by our customer, and he is very satisfied with the operation and testing of the machine.

Below is the filling machine test video.

Here is the video of this product:

If you also have a similar project and want to upgrade to an auto-packaging solution. Please don't hesitate to contact us to get custom-made solutions accordingly.

Thank you for reading, please contact us if you have any inquiries.

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