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Automatic Shrink Wrap FLow Packing Machine LP-590

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Widely used in packaging of daily necessities, shampoos, gum boxes, books, disposable tableware, carton boxes, etc.

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Packing Exambers:Automatic Shrink Wrap FLow Packing Machine LP-590

The preset number of products can be memorized to maintain 100 product specifications. Enter the product number during production to enter the production state most quickly and save debugging workload

Automatic temperature control, PLC control, three-servo control, can quickly change the packaging, high-altitude electric eye automatic tracking, no need to manually adjust after setting, the sealing and cutting size and position are accurate, and the sealing is firm and beautiful

The sealing and cutting knife is treated with special alloy material sprayed with Teflon, and it does not stick to the film

The drum outside the high temperature resistant silicone tube can rotate freely, stainless steel heating tube, internal three-layer heat insulation, high-power circulating fan, two-way hot circulating air to make the heat even and constant temperature.

ModelLP-590 (Flow packing machine)
Packing speed (depending on product specifications) packs/min5-120  5-120 /minute
Product dimension (mm)L:60-280 /W:60-200 H:30-100
Voltage (V)220/380V/50HZ
Total Power(KW)About 5.5KW
Machine size (mm)2700*1000*1680mm
Feeder (mm)3050*500*900mm
ModelLP-240 (Shrink wrapper)
Total PowerAbout 15KW
Packing speed220/380V/50H
Machine size2400*710*1400mm
Application filmPOF PE PVC PP

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