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5 Keys to Choose The Best Corn Flake Filling Machine

Jul. 21, 2022

        Maybe you are new to the granule corn flake filling machine, or maybe you want to upgrade your current equipment to increase the production capacity.

        The huge amount of information on internet and thousands of filling machine manufacturers could make you more confused and uncertain how to choose the right one.

        Actually there have been many excellent manufacturers in the filling machinery industry, lots of them have done a great job of providing highly customized filling machines, but few of the provide guidance or explanation for buyers on how to make a smart choice.

        Today, we'd like to provide you 5 keys need to consider before choosing your next perfect filler.

        1. What is corn Flakes ?

        Cornflakes is known as breakfast cereal,  which is made of toasted corn flakes.

        The Corn flakes has become more and more popular in community with its great nutritional value, it generally served with milk or sugar.

        There are many brands and flavors of cornflakes from various manufacturers. Customers generally use the cornflakes as a breakfast cereal,  could replace the bread crumbs  and also can be added to the cooked foods to increase the flavor.

5 Keys to Choose The Best Corn Flake Filling Machine

        2. What’s the most popular package?

        The most common packaging on the market is the bag filling two kinds of packaging;

        Different packaging requires different packaging equipment; for example:

        If it is bagged, it is made with a vertical machine;

        Filling will use a filling machine

5 Keys to Choose The Best Corn Flake Filling Machine

        3. What’s your Budget?

        The cost of a packaging machines is always an important factors need to be considered before you make the purchase, especially for startups business with high fund pressure.

        If you are a small business owner, the last thing we want to do is put my clients in huge debt. That's why your accurately budget on the packaging system for current and near future needs more helpful for us to provide you maximum cost-effectiveness solution.

        So no doubt you need to know your budget. If you have a low budget at the beginning, we'd recommend you to prefer bag packing machine to start with.The good side is that the cornflakes packing machine are very widely used, means you can use the VFFS corn flake packing machine with different materials, as long as the material shape and properties are similar. And generally speaking, you could earn its cost back in about 1 year;

        You could add new packaging machine _____Can Cornflakes Filling Line when your production needs and budget increased. It will help expand market share without bring too much fund pressure;

        4. What’s your Production Capacity?

        You may feel the higher speed the better. If your production needs are very high and machine cost is not an important factor for you, then it’s not a problem to find a machine as fast as possible.

        However, if you got limited budget, and you forecast production needs plan are relatively low, then an ordinary cornflakes packing equipment is enough; Generally:

        An Ordinary cornflakes bag packing machine speed can go with: 10~50 packs a minute, please check the related Vertical packaging Machine video  

5 Keys to Choose The Best Corn Flake Filling Machine

        An ordinary cornflakes can filling machine speed will be: 10~30 cans per minute, please check the related Can Filling Machine video 

        To ensure that the solution you invest will finally provides you with maximum benefit in the near future, please be assure to inform your supplier of your real capacity plans and speed requirements.

        5. Know how to clean and convert

        Regarding to cleaning and changer over, the reality is that, if you do not understand cleaning and disinfection methods effectively, the serious consequences will be:  Your packaged items may not be put into the market successful at last, so you should be sure to check with the manufacturer, how to clean the equipment accurately; How to convert when changing to other bag sizes.

        If you still got confused, Contact professional Sale Engineer in Landpack. We could help to provide more suggestion base on your cases.


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