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What’S The Use Of Nitrogen & Liquid Nitrogen

Jul. 18, 2022

        Use of nitrogen:

        Due to the chemical inertness of nitrogen, it is often used as a protective gas, such as: fruits, food, and bulb filling gas. In order to prevent certain objects from being oxidized by oxygen when exposed to the air, filling the granary with nitrogen can prevent the grain from being moldy and can be stored for a long time. Liquid nitrogen can also be used as a deep cryogen. As a cryogen, it is often used in hospitals to remove spots, bags, beans, etc., that is, to freeze the spots, bags, beans, etc., but it is easy to cause scars, so it is not recommended to use. High-purity nitrogen is used as a carrier gas for instruments such as chromatographs. Used as a bright annealing shielding gas for copper tubes.

        Nitrogen would be also used as a protective gas for food preservation. In the chemical industry, nitrogen is mainly used as protective gas, replacement gas, scrubbing gas, and security gas. Used as protective gas for aluminum products, aluminum profile processing, aluminum thin rolling, etc. Used as a protective gas for reflow soldering and wave soldering to improve soldering quality. It is used as a protective gas in the production process of float glass to prevent oxidation of the tin bath.

What’S The Use Of Nitrogen

        Use of liquid nitrogen:

        In the industrial production, liquid nitrogen is obtained by fractional distillation of compressed liquid air, which can be used as a deep refrigerant. As its chemical inertness, it can contact biological tissues and freeze immediately without destroying biological activity. Therefore, it can be used for:

        1. It can Quickly freeze and transport food, or make ice products;

        2. Conduct research on cryogenic physics

        3. Demonstrate cryogenic conditions in science education. Soft objects at room temperature will be as brittle as glass when soaked in liquid nitrogen;

What’S The Use Of Nitrogen

        Provides the temperature required for high temperature superconductors such as yttrium barium cuprite to exhibit superconductivity.

        It can be used as a refrigerant to rapidly freeze biological tissue to prevent tissue damage.

        For industrial nitrogen fertilizer production.

        Vacuum - (below 1×10-5mba)

        Thermal insulation - ultra-low daily evaporation, reducing operating costs.

        Protection - The nozzle is protected by dry nitrogen positive pressure, and the external heater is imported from the United States to prevent the entry of peripheral air, resulting in frost and ice blockage inside the nozzle, so as to achieve real never freezing, no need to purge, no need to dry before switching on and off, save time. . To ensure stable flow and direction of liquid nitrogen when production is stable, it will not be changed by the positive pressure in the purification workshop or the wind generated by the high-speed filling and sealing.

        Safety - The liquid nitrogen liquid level adopts the differential pressure liquid level meter to collect the signal, and the PLC controls the switch of the liquid inlet solenoid valve to maintain a stable liquid level and improve the filling accuracy. With this probe liquid level control, the supply pressure can reach up to 6.9bar, while the liquid nitrogen supply pressure should not exceed 1.5bar when other manufacturers’ equipment adopts float ball and liquid level probe control. In serious cases, the whole machine will be scrapped.

        Automatic adjustment—By reading the speed of the filling and sealing machine, according to the preset program, various program programs can be preset to realize automatic compensation and automatic adjustment of the filling amount.

        Concise - Concise operation interface, can be used skillfully after professional engineers have completed debugging and simple training for your company personnel.

        Purity—with the function of gas-liquid separator to keep the outlet as pure liquid nitrogen.

        Automation - has the function of automatically tracking the speed and position of the filling and capping machine.

        Long service life—Advanced and scientific liquid inlet valve design, with air sealing device and high pressure protection automatic exhaust function, prolong the service life of the machine.

        Micro-Injection Technology—Consistent and accurate nitrogen injection at all line speeds.

        Few wearing parts—the main components are all imported or self-made, with minimal failure loss.


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