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Automatic Premade Bag Vacuum Packaging Machine Common Failures And Solutions

Feb. 07, 2023

rotary vacuum premade pouch packing machine

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rotary vacuum packaging machine

Since China's accession to the WTO in 2000, it has brought about improvement in the national economic level, more income, busy work, nutritious and trouble-free ready-to-eat food is also popular, which makes people's life everywhere can not be separated from the bagged products, automatic premade bag vacuum packaging machine came into being, automatic premade bag vacuum packaging machine is composed of two major parts: measuring machine and premade bag vacuum packaging machine host. Through intelligence, mechanization to complete the work can realize unmanned workshop management.

Since its birth, the automatic premade bag vacuum packaging machine has received widespread attention and favor in the industry, But even the best quality equipment can fail, which requires our workshop technical use of the automatic premade bag vacuum packaging machine at the same time, but also to master some simple troubleshooting methods, so as to save maintenance time and improve production.

The common faults and solutions of the automatic premade bag vacuum packaging machine are summarized as follows, hoping to help customers who have used the automatic premade bag vacuum packaging machine and users who are about to put it to use the premade bag vacuum packaging machine.

1. Automatic bag vacuum packaging machine control box power light does not light up, and no fuse switch jumped up

Failure Cause: The fault is mostly caused by the power supply is not open, fuse cut, broken line, leakage, or bad contact;

Solution: the solution is relatively simple, as long as you know the electrical knowledge of the staff can solve open the power supply or replace the corresponding faulty device, or line, and check to confirm the connection of the line can be.

2. Automatic to the bag vacuum packaging machine of the finished material conveying belt needs to hand can push or turn not move

Failure Cause: The cause of the failure is generally the belt is either too loose or too tight;

Solution: we can start from these aspects, first check the motor gear head and drive chain tightening force, confirm that the motor gear head is not good or the drive chain tightening force is too tight caused by the conveyor belt problem, and confirm the cause of the failure we solve the failure is very simple, replace the motor gear and adjust the control belt screws and drive the chain can solve the problem! Secondly, if the belt does not move, should check whether the broken wire, the motor is not good, the plug does not touch, delayed damage, the micro switch does not contact, etc., if the belt does not move because of the broken wire or not touch, then you need to replace the damaged contactor to solve the problem.

3. Automatic premade bag vacuum packaging machine packaging out of the product vacuum degree is low

If the products packaged through the vacuum packaging equipment can not reach the intended vacuum is not conducive to the preservation of food and extending the shelf life of the product; many well-known, the vacuum degree of the product depends mainly on the vacuum pump.

Solution: we need to look at the vacuum pump oil is not polluted, if the vacuum pump oil appears saucy red, it is necessary to replace the vacuum pump oil, within 10 minutes after the end of the work, the oil in the vacuum pump Drain, inject new vacuum pump oil, so that the impurities in the oil out of the pump, to play the purpose of replacing the vacuum pump oil, inject new oil to remember that the oil added to the vacuum pump oil window 2-3 or 3/4 position can be, add more or appear to spray oil phenomenon, add less pump oil is not enough, the vacuum pump does not run, will cause damage to the equipment.

4. Automatic premade bag vacuum packaging machine sealing is not flat or not sealing phenomenon

Failure Cause: The cause of the failure is due to whether the heating time is well adjusted and whether there are impurities on the heating isolation cloth;

Solution: you need to adjust the heating time and heating temperature; if the heating isolation cloth is attached to the timely cleaning and replacement, to prevent normal work.

The above problems will have a great impact on the use and yield of automatic bag vacuum packaging machines, as long as we can master and flexible use of today's knowledge, we can handle the common failures of automatic bag vacuum packaging machines, bag vacuum packaging machine can work well for the enterprise to create benefits.

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