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Granular Plantain Chips Packaging Machine

Nov. 14, 2022

        What is Plantain chips

        Plantain chips is thin plantain slice, fried and flavored with salt or other seasoning like peppers on surface to make it more delicious.

        It's mainly produce in Peru and Ecuador, and very popular by local customers also selling world-widely. 

        It's become more and more popular snacks on market shelf. You can get it very easy with cost-effective price, no matter for single serve or family package.

Granular Plantain Chips Packaging Machine

        What is the popular plantain packaging bag style

        Pillow bag is the most popular packaging bag style for plantain chips, it’s making with film roll packaging machine. And has enough space for supplier to print brand image on it for advertising and transparent brand message. So no matter you are starting new business or expanding your production line. The pillow bags is your great and safe option to choose.

Granular Plantain Chips Packaging Machine

        Automatic packaging machine for plantain chips__ LD-420Y


Granular Plantain Chips Packaging Machine

         (LD-420Y for automatic feeding, weighing, filling and packing)

        This packaging system consist of below different supporting items: 

        1.Z-type elevator for feeding material onto multi-heads weigher

        2.10-heads weigher for weighing granular products;

        3.The weigher has installed onto the main packer directly, no need independent supporting platform, this could save lots of extra cost and space. Specially suitable for you if you have budget limited or space limited.

        4.Finished conveyor and metal detector can be choose as an option


        This machine is not just suitable for plantain chips, actually you can use this machine to many different kinds of small granular products, like potato chips, coated peanuts and other cashew nuts, almond, etc.

        Features & Characteristics of plantain chips packaging machine:

        1. Fully automatic complete all process from material feeding,  weighing, filling products into bags, making bags, sealing the bag  and also can print production date, lot number and batch number,  

        2.  PLC and human friendly touch screen control, smart and simple to operate.

        3. With PID temperature controller to control the vertical and horizontal sealing temperature independently and more accurately;

        4. Real-time display default, when something is wrong, the safety device will alarms and machines automatic stops promptly. 

        5. All part contact with products are stainless steel 304 or other food grade material to ensure high hygiene and safety.

        6. By change over bag former, can simply change bag width, and bag length can set on touch screen directly.

        7. The machine structure is compact designed to save space, and easy to commissioning, clean and maintenance.

        8. All key component with 24 month warranty, and adopt worldwide famous brand to ensure stable running in long-run.

        9. All pneumatic components and electric component are put into independent electric boxes for more easier operation.

        10. Equipped with safety door, will stop automatically once the door is open, better protect workers. 

        11. Many optional device can be choose: 

        Metal detector: Check all the finished package and reject all those with metal inside. 

        Check Weigher: Check all the bag weight and those outside the range you can accept can be rejected.

        Date Printer: Ribbon Code Printer or other printer base on printing content you may need

        Hole Punching device

        Other special request.

        Want to know more about the plantain chips solution, contact our engineer to get professional idea.

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