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How To Choose A Desiccant Packaging Machine?

Nov. 18, 2022

        Many customers are confused about how to choose a suitable desiccant packaging machine. What is the capacity of packaging? Is it accurate? Which model should I choose for different desiccant types?


        Desiccant is generally divided into the following products, silica gel, mineral particles, magnesium chloride powder, etc. Today, we will mainly introduce the packaging scheme and models of silica gel desiccant.


        Silica gel desiccant 1-3g packaging specifications, mainly used in clothing leather goods, food, household appliances and other industries. Usually high output requirements and fast production speed are required. Our models LDBS-560 and LDBS-860 can meet the requirements of 500-600 bags per minute, and can be used for continuous packaging and use of winders. The accuracy can reach +-0.1-0.2g, which can better control the cost for customers and plan the output carefully. We also have equipment with a smaller output than 500-600 bags. The machine can be customized according to the output demand to meet the actual production needs, without waste, with high cost performance and fast return on cost.


        Packing 1kg, the output of model LD420 can reach 1800-2000 bags per hour. It adopts lapel back sealing bag, which maximizes the packaging volume, uses less consumables, and has a high output ratio.


        Packing 50g-100g, it can be packaged by a horizontal three-side sealing packaging machine, no need for a former, and it can quickly switch between different packaging weights and save consumables.

        Our Land Pack has different plans and models to meet different order packaging specifications and provide you with a more satisfactory machine solution.

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