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Granule Packing Machine Differences

Jul. 07, 2022

        Granule packaging system is normally used in lots of styles of industries. But occasionally clients will face the hassle is that how can I select the precise packing system? Bigger or smaller? And what are the variations among them? Now let’s speak approximately this subject matter together!

Granule Packing Machine Differences

        The following applies to LAND PACK system fashions LD-380A and LD-420A as an example. 

        These are the entire system images of them. They appearance absolutely different. Here we are able to display you their variations in feeding part, measuring part, and foremost packer(bag former).


        Measuring part:


Granule Packing Machine Differences

        1.The size variety isn't always correct and the size variety is limited

        2.If the product is simply too large(long) or fragile, it's going to reason the product to be without difficulty broken or crushed

        3.When you need to alternate the product weight of every bag, you want to alter the peak of the measuring cup through deal with whenever after packaging to attain the load through deal with whenever after             Packaging to attain the load. If your product is in massive exceptional weight, you want to alternate the measuring cup while you need to % exceptional weight of product.


Granule Packing Machine Differences

        1.The dimension variety may be adjusted without problems on contact display screen. 2.It can as it should be measures and the weighing accuracy reaches 0.1-0.five g. 3.It will now no longer harm the                             Product(appropriate for fragile products, which include fried snacks, potato chips). Or a few tough product and lengthy product(like screws, nails, fast, fastener and so on) 4.When you are making modifications to the product weight of every bag,you simply want to extrade the parameter at the contact display screen without problems.

        Bag former and main packer:


Granule Packing Machine Differences

        1.The bag maker is found out at the outside 

        2.Small bag will seal the lovely sealing edge. 

        3.Bag width:320A:50-150mm 380A:60-180mm 


Granule Packing Machine Differences

        1.The bag maker is located in the main frame and protects the product.  

        2.The sealing edge is beautiful and the main packer works stably when packing heavy products.  

        3.It runs more stably and the machine is more durable  

        4. Bag width: 420A: 60 200mm 520A: 100 250mm

        Feeding method:

        1.Most of the people to put the products into the hopper. The hopper is high.

        2.Putting products into the vibrating hopper easily and the hopper is low. The vibrating hopper will transport the products to the multi -head combination weigher to measure.

        3.Vibration amplitude can be adjusted by a button. It will detect the weigher product is enough or not to control the speed of product delivering.

        Support platform:

Granule Packing Machine Differences

        1.Going up to see how the multi-head combination weigher works

        2.Going up to clean the multi-head combination weigher easily

        3.If there is a problem with the machine, it is convenient to check and repair

        Above facts are their differences. There aren't many inflexible necessities and policies for the selection of the system. Can be decided on in step with the special necessities of every customer. For instance, the customer's dimension accuracy, handy operation, challenge budget, packaging sealing aspect effect, packaging speed, and a few custom designed configurations, etc. Actually you could pick the correct system kind in step with your necessities. Do you've got got necessities of granule packing system or you don't have any concept to pick? Send us an inquiry immediately for the correct packing answer and LAND PACK will assist you're making a smart choice!

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