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How does a Multi-Head Weigher Work

Jan. 04, 2022

The multi-head weighers more knows as the combination scale. It is the standard scale for weighing various kinds of product, like food industry, hardware industry, chemical industry and others.

For the first time using packing machine or filling machine with combination weigher. They might not know more about the weigher and even strange. So this article will be useful for the first time or new project machine purchasing or using. The concept of the combination weigher is also benefit for you. 

This is the multi-head weigher diagram. Now let’s start to see it. 

How does a Multi-Head Weigher Work?cid=10

In fact, the combination weigher realizes the weighing of bulk products through software programming. The products are feeding this top of the infeed funnel through the different types of elevator and conveyor. So that it will realize fully automatic feeding and weighing. 

The top cone and the feeding tray vibrate. The functions of these two are to push the products coming from the top toward the vibrating tray at the center to the edge. The system is under a variety of options and software settings that can be adjusted for product and fill weight.

For some applications, the scale will have a dimpled steel contact surface, which provides less surface area for sticky products such as soft candy. The size of the bucket of the scale is chosen according to the size of the product. The smaller product bucket is smaller, and the larger product bucket is relatively larger.

Each of the weigh buckets has its own sensor to detect. They are constantly weighing the amount of product they contain, all while product continues to feed into them.

In order to reach the target weight you set the touch screen, the software of the scale will select to add up to the sum of the correct number of barrel combinations.

The following pictures can vividly describe the work of the combination scale. First set the weight of a package. The system will select 1, 3, 10 and 12 from the 14 kegs. However, the products in these barrels will be combined into an optimal weight of 100g. After this combination is completed, the next weighing system will recombine the optimal and closest target weight.

This illustrates how this weigher will work and choose the suitable bucket. Here is the target weight of 100 grams per package. The system evaluates all buckets and chooses to drop buckets 1, 3, 10, and 12. After the product drop into the packing machine, it will reevaluate all of the buckets to have the next best combination choice. 

How does a Multi-Head Weigher Work?cid=10

The three main advantages of combination weighers are speed, accuracy and protection.

For the combination weigher, if slightly slower rate of speed, it can reach the accuracy of target weight within 0.01-0.02, which will have the extraordinary accuracy of weighing. Besides, the speed of that is pretty faster than other weigher. Especially it can save more labor cost and more fast than manually weighing because it has each bucket can weigh. In addition, it will protect the product from damage and broken to keep the product keeps it intact. 

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