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How to Choose the Frozen Food Packing Machine

Mar. 29, 2022

    Could the standard granular packing machine pack the frozen food or fruits ? What is the difference between the packing machine for granular and frozen food ? How to choose the best machine to pack the frozen food. Don’t worry, we will help you to solve the worries. We are Foshan Landpack machinery, the manufacturer in packing machines from China.

How to Choose the Frozen Food  Packing Machine

Firstly, the machine must have the protective system.

    As we know , the working place have to keep cold to make sure the food fresh and avoid the ice melt, so that require the machine could work at the low temperature for a long time. In order to make sure the machine could work smoothly at the cold enviroment10-15℃ , our engineer would add the protective system to protect the machine and electrical components. It will let the machine serves for the customers for many years.


    However, many customers ignore this point and use the common machine without the protective systems for cold environment to pack the frozen food at their factory. The machines always have problems and the electrical componets wait for fixing. It is great problem for the production. Because the workers have to stop produce to wait for the machines fixing. That will let the manufacturer loss many money and pay the rent for the factory. It is very important for the customers to choose the right machine to help them improve the production.

How to Choose the Frozen Food  Packing Machine

Secondly, the weigher is with the special pattern.

    The meat or frozen food are sticky so that they are easy to stick on the weigher and machines, when the machine transport and weight the material. It will affect the frozen food to get the high accuracy and working. To avoid this problem,We recommend the special weigher with the pattern on the surface. The surface of the weigher is uneven, ehich will reduce the friction between frozen food and weighing. The frozen will be easy to fall down from the machine and the weigher.By the way, the weigher is made of 304 stianless steel . the worker could use the water to wash the weigher after they finish the production everyday. It will great helpful to make the safety of the frozen food.


Thirdly, The material conveyor must be designed for the frozen food.

    As we know, the frozen food would melt when it output from the cold storage freezer, so there is few water and soup. If the machine pack the frozen food with the water, that will affect the measuring accuracy and affect the packing result. What is easy to happen that the bag always could not seal well, because the sealing place is with the soup or water.

How to Choose the Frozen Food  Packing Machine

For that problem, we recommend the coveyor with the gaps on the surface, which will help the water drop from the coveyor. So the soup or water will get out from the conveyor and do not goes with the frozen food. It could make the weigher weight the products at high accuracy and keep the bag sealing place cleaning.


Besides, the coveyor is made of plastic and 304 stainless steel. It is easy for the work to wash the conveyor with the water. It will great helpful to keep the food safety.


Here is some important points for you to choose the right machines. If you have any questions or interest on the machines, feel free to contact us. We are Foshan Landpack machinery, the great manufacturer in the packing machines from China. We will provide you the suitable machine solution to help you.


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