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How Multilane Packing Machine To Pack Powder | 4 Lane Powder Packing Machine Advantages And Parameters

Aug. 17, 2022



        1. Multi lane packing machine:

        4 lane required. packing speed 25-30 cycles/minutes. means 100-120 sachets /minutes.48000-57600 sachets/ day (8 working hour)

        2. Material feed:

        Vacuum feeder would be recommended.

        3. Sachet shape:

        Round corners with Irregular shape easy tear cut

        4. Screw: 

        As your powder is easy flowing,we will suggest use screw auger with leak-proof device filler system to ensure the high precision;

        The filling accuracy is about ±0.2-0.3g when we filling 10g;



        1. New design with perfect fashion, more reasonable structure, more advanced technology.

        2. Imported PLC control system, colorful touch screen, easy operation, Intuitionistic and efficient.Paramters can be adjusted freely

        3. Standard positioning with imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, superex cellent capability for compele machine, perfect packaging.

        4. With auto Alarm protection function to minimize loss.

        5. Easy film installation with film external suspension device.

        6.High degree of automation,This machine from the longitudinal cutting& Sealing,Transverse sealing,filling ,printing,notch cutting,cross cutting,until the finished bag output can be completed at one time

        7.Quick and Convenient adjustment,The bag length can be adjusted without changing the mould.And the vertical seal.Transversea sealing,filling,cutting and other implementing agencies can be adjusted through the main machine interface.

        Machine details:


        1:Part name:Touch - type HMI

        Feature:The control system adopts PLC program control, touch-type Chinese-English human-machine interface, two sets of servo system drives, paper bag length, packaging speed, counting, and machine fault interface instant notification.

        2:Part name:Temperature controller

Feature:Relaible quality of temperature controller to ensure the high precision temperature on vertial sealing and horizontal sealing,excellent cutting effect


        3:Part name:Multi heads printer

        Feature:Customized coding machine, automatically adjusted according to bag size,Its multi heads printer to print date info on each lane

        4:Part name:Bag former structure

        Feature:The bag of the collar-style bag maker is beautifully shaped, stable, and the back seal is neat and firm.Smooth collar will not scratch the film

        5:Part name:Horizontal sealing device

        Feature:The horizontal closing and openning are powered by a servo motor. The movement track is controlled by a program during high-speed movement. There is no noise. The horizontal sealing has high strength, the packaging is smoother and more beautiful, and the packaging material is prevented from absorbing moisture.


        6:Part name:Screw metering device

        Feature:We will recommend the proper dosing device according to the product's character.Screw metering device would be the right dosing system for your powder.

        7:Part name:Vacuum feeder pump:

        1.Flexible transportation configuration makes the production process more reasonable  

        2.The conveying process is completely closed,the dust flying is less,and the environment protection requirements can be realized     

        3.Less moving parts,The system has a simple structure, small size, low noise, and easy operation Can eliminate the characteristics of static electricity.  

        4.High efficient conveying which reduces the packaging and loading and unloading transportation costs.     

        5.It can avoid the moisture,dirt and other impurities in the conveyed materials,ensuring the conveying quality.

        We can customize the suitable one for you according to your requiredment.

        Just Tell us : Weight or Bag Size required and bag shape and capacity

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