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How to Pack Live Seafood in Pouch | Sachets Packing Machine For Live Sea Foods

Aug. 16, 2022

        With the increasingly modern management of the aquaculture industry, more and more industries would like the automatic packing machine to pack the live sea foods like fish, shrimps and transport them to the customers home directly. It is for upgrade the fresh sea foods chain from the farm/supermarket to the home.


        The machine how to running and packing the live sea foods? It has the oxygen filling function and water filling function to do the packaging for the live fish to make them live and keep fresh during the transportation. The packaging can fulfill the oxygen after the water and fish feeding into the bags. The oxygen filling can adjust as request on the touch screen and water can adjust through the piston volumetric pump device. According to the different sea foods, the feeding method is different to avoid damage the live sea foods.  The machine has the electronic eye to sensor the available products feeding or no, no filling no making the bags to not waste the packaging material.


        The whole machine body is stainless steel304 to good for long life especially in the wet environment. It control by the PLC system, the running is stable and could reach 10-20bags/min.  Automatic packing by the machine can better do the oxygen packaging for the live sea foods and higher efficiency for the production with less labor.

        We have 24hours online machine maintain services to help you to solve the questions about the machine. It is the most-effective type for the investors that could return back the funds within 1-1.5years. To upgrade the production, you should own this machine for your business.    

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