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How To Choose The Right Injet Printer For Your Package

Aug. 24, 2022

        At the seal of food packaging bags, or other blank spaces, there is a production date sprayed by inkjet printer or laser printer: the digital words of a certain year, a certain month, and a certain day are the codes sprayed when leaving the factory or leaving the warehouse!

        With the gradual improvement of people's food safety awareness, the real-time production date, batch number, expiration date and other identifications of food packaging are essential. Inkjet printers, laser machines, and traditional coding have played an irreplaceable role in this process.

        Why spray coding on food packaging bags?

        When a safety accident occurs, food safety can be traced back to quickly lock the problem product, find out the cause of the problem and the scope of the accident, recall the accident food in time, and solve the problem as quickly as possible. Moreover, as a constraint system, full traceability can ensure the quality and safety of each link of the food supply chain, and at the same time help to clarify product quality.

        The food packaging bag is the carrier of the coding and marking of food products. The topic we are going to discuss today is how to choose laser inkjet printers for food production and processing enterprises for packaging bags of different materials.

        The traditional use of ink jet coding equipment, such as small character jet printers, high-definition ink jet printers, thermal transfer ink jet printers, ink jet printing systems, etc. With the development of laser technology and the market's need for traceability of QR code anti-counterfeiting and anti-collision goods, the advantages of printing or coding of laser coding equipment have gradually emerged, such as no ink consumables, stable operation of the laser machine, and permanent marking. It is more and more popular among food companies.



        However, there are many types of food packaging bags. According to the substrate, there are plastic substrates, paper substrates, metal aluminum substrates, etc.; And so on, these all have an impact on laser engraving and coding. All different packaging substrates, the same printing coating, the effect of laser coding is very different. The same substrate, different surface coating or base color of color, requires laser coding with different wavelengths.



        In many cases, the aluminum substrate or aluminum-plastic composite packaging bag is suitable for coding with a wavelength CO2 laser inkjet printer. By etching off the surface coating or printing coating, laser coding is achieved, and the effect is very good. Of course, if the paint is painted and the metal composition is too high, fiber laser coding equipment will be more suitable.

        For paper-based film-coated packaging bags, the ideal coding equipment is a laser with a wavelength of 532 nanometers or a laser coding equipment with a wavelength of 10.3 microns.


        Packaging bags with plastic substrates or packaging bags coated with paint and ink containing metal components are generally suitable for marking and coding equipment with fiber laser technology or segment pump semiconductor lasers.


        Of course, the UV laser coding technology is also becoming mature. Using short-wavelength high-quality UV lasers, the focusing spot is small, the laser with narrow pulse width has a short interaction time with the processing material, and the thermal effect is small but make the effect is more beautiful. It has unique advantages for online fine coding of special materials!

        LANDPACK provides you the more professional packing solution and printing solution.

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