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How Vegetables and Fruits Develop Quality Washing and Packaging Solutions

Aug. 25, 2022

        At present, packaging is required for all aspects of our daily necessities of life. Today, I will introduce to you about the vertical packaging machine for vegetable products.

        Generally, vegetables need to use a vertical packaging machine, which is a product that has been cut and washed, which is convenient for people to buy home, directly clean, and cook. This type of product is extremely convenient for urbanites and mothers with babies, without cutting and washing. , save more time with family.

        Usually sliced and diced vegetables are a little different in packaging equipment. According to the characteristics of vegetables, such as water and stickiness, they need to be customized in conveyor belts and weighing scales. Let me introduce them to you in detail below.

        For normal products, we will use a Z type elevator or a large inclination angle elevator. However, because the diced vegetables are easy to touch the parts that contact the material and contain moisture, the mechanical operation of the Z type elevator is relatively closed, which is not suitable for the transportation of such products. The inclined angle hoist is easy to get stuck on the side of the hoist, which affects the operation of the machine and shortens the life of the motor.



        The skirt elevator is not compact in structure, but has enough space for warehouse cleaning. The entire conveyor belt can be directly disassembled for washing, which is very convenient. The material is PVC belt that meets food safety. It is widely used in products with stickiness, such as vegetables , meat, etc.

        For electronic scales, the surface needs to be changed to a patterned surface, which can prevent the material from sticking to the surface with water, especially suitable for sticky or wet strips such as QQ candy, marshmallows, raisins, fruit slices, bean sprouts, vegetable salads, etc. Sheet, block items, non-slip and anti-stick, strong applicability.


        The above is the special customized part of the vertical packaging machine for packaging vegetables. If you have similar packaging, please ask us to give you a professional solution.

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