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Introduction Of Metal Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Feb. 21, 2023

tube filling machine

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In the previous article, I introduced the filling and sealing of soft plastic tubes for you, then in today's article I will introduce you to the filling and sealing of metal tubes.

The filling and sealing machines used for metal tubes and plastic tubes are different. I will introduce it to you below.

The main workflow of the filling and sealing machines for metal tubes:

tube sealing machine

Step 1: automatic tube loading and tube pressing, this is for the fully automatic style, if you choose the semi-automatic type, then you need to insert the tube into the positioning mold yourself. 

tube packing machine

Step 2: Match the color scale to ensure that the metal tube pattern is oriented correctly

tube filling and sealing machine

Step 3: filling, precise filling, no dripping, anti-drawing setting

automatic tube filling machine

Step 4: Flattening the end of the metal tube

tube filler and sealer

Step 5: Positive Fold the metal tube

tube filling and sealing machine manufacturers

Step 6: Roll the folded side flat

tube filling and sealing machine price

Step 7: Positive Fold the metal tube

tube sealing machine price

Step 8: Roll the folded side flat

automatic tube filling sealing machine

Step 9: Reverse folding metal tube

fully automatic tube filling machine

Step 10: Roll the folded side flat

tube filling and sealing machine suppliers

Step 11: Organize metal tubes and print production dates and batches

Final step: finished product output

Our metal tube filling sealing machine is mainly used for aluminum tubes for packaging container materials, this machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical, and other industries packaging. Such as ointment, toothpaste, epoxy glue, 502 glue, hair dye, and other liquid or paste materials for filling and sealing. With the following product features:

(1) Touch screen operation, humanized design, simple and intuitive operation.

(2) Cylinder filling control ensures the accuracy of filling.

(3) Photoelectric sensing and pneumatic door linkage control.

(4) Pneumatic actuation control valve, efficient and safe. The flow channel can be adjusted and cleaned independently.

(5) Adopt anti-drip and anti-draw filling nozzle structure design.

(6) The whole machine is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy. The body of the material contact part is SUS304 stainless steel.

(7) 3 folds and 4 folds are available

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