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Which Machine Suits For Various Screws And Fasteners Packing?

Feb. 18, 2023

Many producers are looking for one set of machines to pack all kinds of screws or fasteners. The counting by the workers is very slow and there are always mistakes to count the number of screws. One of the customers shared with us that the problems are always anxious him. So he wants us to help him. He has to finish 100 pcs, 200 pcs, 1000 pcs and 2000 pcs, 5000 pcs of screws sachet packing.

fastener packaging machine

As we know it is a huge hard work for the worker to count the screws one by one. Because it is very to forget the number of screws and then they have to spend time counting again. We are the manufacturer of screw counting and packing machines. Our engineers have over 15 years of experience in packing machines. Based on the packing requirement, we could provide him with a whole set of packing machines to help him solve this problem.

It is no problem for our machine to vary screws and fasteners from 100 pcs to 5000 pcs for each bag. The whole set of machines consists of LD-420A main packer, a Z-type screw conveyor, and the 10 heads weigher.

automatic screw counting packing machine

The machine will weigh the screws and fasteners from 100g to 2kg. Because the machine is with 10 heads combination weigher. The customers just need to set the target weight of the screws on the touch screen. The weight will weigh different kinds of screws filled into the bag. It is very easy for the workers to operate it.

The main packer could make different bag size. The workers just need to change the bag length on the touch screen. The machine will make different bag sizes to take the screws.

screw packing machine

There is a Z-type screw conveyor to transport the screws from the ground to the top of the weigher. So the worker does not need to fill the screws to the machine all the time. The machine will finish this job by itself. The conveyor could carry 3m3/ hour to the weigher. So it is enough for the machine to pack 500g to 2kg of screws.

In this way, the packing machine will help the producer to save a lot of labor costs and improve daily production. If the producer has different screws or fasteners to pack, the machine also could meet the demand in the near future.

furniture fittings packing machine

The finished product conveyor will take the finished bag packing from the bottom of the machine to the collecting table. So the workers could pick up the bag packing into the box easily. The conveyor could bring max.1kg to 2kg of bag packing.

If you also have interested in this machine, feel free to let me know. Our engineers and sales managers will be here to support you. We will provide you with a suitable packing solution base on your packing requirement. Don't hesitate, feel free to contact us. You also could leave your messages on our website. We will share similar machine videos for your reference, so you could know the machine detail from them.

Thank you for reading, please contact us if you have any inquiries.

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