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Can The Vegetables Packaged By The Vegetable Packaging Machine Be Kept For A Long Time?

Feb. 24, 2023

vegetable packaging machine

vegetable packing machine

Welcome to Foshan Land Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd, a factory specializing in the production of packaging machinery and has 15 years of production experience.

In this article today I would like to introduce you to our vegetable packing machine.

With the development of the times, I believe we have noticed that the market for vegetables increasingly tends to bag form sales, then this is the use of our vegetable packaging machine. In fact, the use of vegetable packaging machine packaging not only saves a lot of manpower packaging time, and costs but also preserves freshness.

Then perhaps you will be curious, vegetable packaging machine packaging vegetables can be preserved for a long time? The answer is yes, next I will be introduced in detail to you in order to preserve the product, the vegetable packaging machine set up several important device structures.

①Vegetable anti-pinch device

vegetable wrapping machine

Guaranteeing the integrity of vegetables can make fresh vegetables reach a longer shelf life, and the vegetable anti-clamping device plays a key role, which can prevent vegetable leaves from being clamped by the middle-sealing film structure during the packaging process.

②The punching device is good for keeping fresh

vegetable packing machine price

One of the configurations of the vegetable packaging machine is the punching machine, which can be well-ventilated and fresh, punching holes according to speed and bag length. The punching effect is good, there is no burr on the non-rotten edge, the packaging film will not be pulled to rot, and the hole shape of the bag is also beautiful.

③Vegetable anti-wear pulley device

Adding an anti-abrasion pulley can prevent the problem of decay caused by abrasion of vegetable leaves in the process of feeding while increasing the height of the feeding plate on both sides can make the bulk vegetable conveying smoother, not scattered, and the packaging effect more beautiful.

④Servo control knife end seal

lettuce packaging machine

The height of the cutter can be adjusted according to the height of various vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage, etc. and the servo control is more controllable, accurate, and stable.

⑤Through-beam advanced optical sensor

fruit and vegetable packaging equipment

Anti-cutting bag device, there is electric eye recognition automatic sensing vegetable delivery, no vegetables through the film will not be sealed and cut bag making and our machine can automatically identify the length of all vegetable sealing and cutting bags, automatically according to the length of the vegetables to seal and cut, no need to manually adjust the length of the bag, more convenient and intelligent.

The above is all the content shared, if you have vegetable packaging needs or other product packaging needs, welcome to contact us. We will give you detailed packaging solutions and guidance.

Thank you for reading, please contact us if you have any inquiries.

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