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Quantitative Principle Of Fully Automatic Chili Sauce Filling Machine

Nov. 30, 2023

In recent years, with the development of the food industry and people's continuous pursuit of delicious food, the demand for various condiments has also been growing. Among them, chili sauce is a common condiment that plays an indispensable role in many dishes. In order to meet market demand and improve production efficiency, chili sauce filling machines came into being. This article will introduce the quantitative principle and workflow of the fully automatic sauce-filling machine.

hot sauce bottling machine

chili sauce filling machine

1. Introduction to fully automatic sauce-filling machine

The fully automatic sauce-filling machine is a filling equipment specially used for liquid products such as condiments. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, and strong stability, and can quickly and accurately complete the packaging process of chili sauce.

2. Quantitative principles

The fully automatic sauce-filling machine uses advanced technology and design to achieve quantitative filling of chili sauce through the following steps:

Container delivery

Before filling can begin, the empty containers need to be removed from the conveyor belt and moved to the filling area. This step is usually performed by a robot or conveyor system.

Filling volume setting

On the fully automatic sauce-filling machine, the operator can set the required filling capacity according to the requirements of the product. This is usually done via a touch screen or push-button control panel.

Chili sauce supply

When the filling capacity is set, the chili sauce is piped from the storage tank to the filling machine's workbench. Ensuring an adequate and smooth supply of chili sauce in the storage tank is very important to ensure the continuity of the filling process.

Quantitative filling

Once the chili sauce reaches the workbench, the fully automatic sauce-filling machine accurately fills the sauce according to the preset volume. It utilizes a specially designed valve or pump system to control the flow of liquid and inject the exact amount of hot sauce into each container according to a preset time and speed.


After completing quantitative filling, the container needs to be sealed. This usually includes steps such as covering, pressing, and tightening the lid to ensure the sealing and hygiene of the product.

Packaging and shipping

After that, the filled chili sauce containers will be sent to the next process, such as labeling, box filling, etc. The packaged chili sauce will then be ready to be shipped out of the warehouse and put into the market.

Advantages of fully automatic sauce filling machine

The fully automatic sauce-filling machine has many advantages in the chili sauce production process:

- High efficiency: Fully automatic operation makes the entire filling process faster and more efficient.

- High accuracy: Using advanced quantitative technology and control system to ensure accurate quantification of chili sauce in each container.

- Strong flexibility: parameters can be adjusted according to different product requirements and adapted to containers of different specifications and shapes.

- High degree of automation: Through functions such as automatic transmission, quantitative filling, and sealing, the burden of manual operations is greatly reduced and production efficiency is improved.

- Hygienic and safe: Made of food-grade materials, meets hygienic standards, and is easy to clean and maintain.

The quantitative principle and workflow of the fully automatic sauce-filling machine make the production of chili sauce more efficient, precise, and hygienic. This advanced equipment will bring great convenience to the food industry and meet people's demand for condiment quality and diversity. We believe that driven by continuous innovation and improvement, fully automatic sauce-filling machine will play a more important role in the future.

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