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Two Types Of Metering For Powder Fine Granule Packaging Machines

Nov. 22, 2023

Automatic powder packaging machine is specially designed for granular powder, and ultra-fine powder material packaging, It's our LandPack packaging machinery company's hot product and will be favored by domestic and foreign customers. Powder machines can automatically complete the feeding bag making, filling and measuring, exhausting nitrogen, marking, cutting, and sealing a series of work, greatly improving work efficiency and cost savings. This article explains the powder packaging machine of the two measurement methods, to give customers a better choice.

Different measurement methods, the working principle of the packaging machine is not the same, therefore, we want to understand the working principle of the powder packaging machine, first of all, we have to figure out what is the measurement method of the powder packaging machine.

There are two main types of powder packaging machine measurement, respectively, volumetric measurement and weighing measurement.

grain packing machine

(1) Volumetric measurement

Volumetric metering refers to the quantitative filling by calculating the volume of the material to be filled. The advantages of volumetric dosing are lower cost and higher filling efficiency. The rotary screw machine used in our powder packaging machine belongs to the volumetric dosing method.

The accuracy of volumetric metering is different according to different materials, the particle size of the filler material, the degree of uniformity, and the degree of dryness and wetness of the looseness of the filler material will have an impact on the metering, so the measurement of different materials have a little different error is a normal phenomenon. Therefore, volumetric metering mainly applies to materials with uniform particle size, stable density, and relatively good fluidity.

Volumetric metering will be divided into two types according to different filling material metering: one is to control the flow of material time or flow to measure the volume, and the other is to use a measuring device, such as measuring cups or cylinders, to measure the volume. The screw metering used in our powder packaging machine is to quantify the volume of the material by selecting the number of turns or the flow time. In addition, the screw metering machine's stirring and vibration of the material can increase the stability of the material and make the metering more accurate.

fine powder filling machine

(2) Weighing measurement

Weighing type metering refers to the control of quantitative filling by calculating the weight of the material to be filled. Compared with the volumetric measurement method, the process is relatively complex, more costly, and less efficient. It is suitable for materials with uneven size of powder particles and unstable density.

The screw metering design of automatic powder packaging machines is more in line with the current production requirements of high efficiency, low-cost concept.

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