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What Is The Candy Packing Machine?

Dec. 09, 2022

Is there a candy packing machine to pack the single candy into a bag automatically? Many customers are looking for candy-packing machines. As we know the candy is very small and it is very hard for the worker to seal the bag by hand. More importantly, it will cost a lot of labor cost to finish the daily production. The businessman has to control the daily production of 30,000 candies. Foshan landpack machinery could provide you suitable packing solution to help you solve this problem.

candy packing machine

We are a manufacturer of candy packing machines from China, our engineers have over 15 years' experience in packing machines. There is a candy packing machine to pack the candy automatically. Just 1 worker could operate the whole set of machines. The packing speed is around 200 bags to 300 bags per min. That means the machine could pack 18,000 bags per hour.

candy wrapping machine

There is a candy-feeding hopper at the end of the machine. It will arrange the candy one by one and then feed them into bag packing. The worker just needs to pour the candy into the hopper, the machine will work automatically. By the way, in order for the machine could pack the candy in the right position, our engineers have to customize the model base on the candy size and shape.

candy pouch packing machine

One machine could pack different shapes of candy, and there is a bag former to adjust the bag size base on the candy shape, so this machine is very flexible and multi-functions.

The whole set of machines is controlled by the touch screen and PLC controlling system. You just need to switch on the machine and let the machine start to pack. It is very easy for you to operate it. If you want to change the packing speed, you just need to increase or decrease the packing speed on the machine.

hard candy wrapping machine

The machine components are processed by our machine workshop at high strict requirements. So the machine could serve for you more than 10 years. It could run and pack the candy smoothly and with high-speed packing. The material contact part of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel. So it is very easy for you to clean the machine after the daily production is finished, you could use alcohol or water to wash the machine directly.

There are many machine models for you to choose from, if you have any interest in the candy packing machine, feel free to let me know. Our engineers and I will be here to support you and provide you with a suitable packing solution base on your candy and packing requirements.

You could contact us by our website address or phone number, our sales managers will contact you in time and give you professional suggestions. And our engineers are willing to help you to solve the machine problem and teach you one step by step on video calling.


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