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What Is The Fresh Potatoes Packing Machine?

Dec. 13, 2022

Normally, many businessmen or farmers would like to sell their vegetables or potatoes in 10kg packing or carton packing. However, there is also an effective selling method for fresh vegetables, the businessman also wants to provide their fresh vegetable to the local supermarket. They have to pack the fresh potatoes or tomatoes in 2kg or 3kg sachet, so the customers could easily bring and purchase. But the 2kg sachet packing will increase their labor cost and time. How to solve this labor cost?

potato packing machine

Don't worry. Foshan landpack machinery could provide you fresh potato packing machine to help you finish the daily production and save a lot of labor costs. We are the manufacturer of fully automatic potato packing machines in China. Our engineers have over 15 years of experience in packing machines.

potato packing machine price

Just 1 worker could operate the whole set of machine, the machine is controlled by the touch screen and PLC controlling system. You just need to set the target weight on the touch screen, the machine will weigh and pack the fresh potato to your requirement.

potato packaging machine

Because there is a 14 heads combination weigher, it is controlled by the microcomputer, which will calculate the fresh potatoes at high accuracy. The weigher is suitable for all kinds of fresh tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. The weigher could measure 2kg to 5kg of potatoes and tomatoes. The weight accuracy is around ±1%.

There is a Z-type material conveyor to transport the fresh potatoes and tomatoes from the ground to the top of the weigher continuously. The volume of each hopper is 4L, so it could feed the potatoes to the weigher in time.

potato packing equipment

In order to protect the fresh potatoes or tomatoes from falling down from a high place, our engineers have designed and would make the buffer structure on the machine, so the fresh potatoes will not be damaged and affect the sales.

potato packing machine price

The main packing machine will use the roll packing film to form the bag and fill the fresh potatoes automatically. The bag size is (L) 500mm x (W) 350mm. The length could be adjusted by the touch screen. If you want to pack the fresh potatoes in different weights, you could change the bag length directly to change the size.

There is a finished product conveyor to transport the finished packing of potatoes from the bottom of the machine to the collecting table. So the workers could pick up the potatoes and arrange them into cartons.

More importantly, the whole set of machine run 25-30 bags per min, so it could pack the 2kg to 3kg potatoes in 1800 bags per hour. Does this production meet your requirement? If you have any interest in the potato packing machine or another fresh vegetable packer, feel free to let me know. Our engineers and I will be here to support you and provide you suitable packing solution.

You could contact us by our website address or phone number, our sales managers will contact you in time and give you professional suggestions. And our engineers are willing to help you to solve the machine problem and teach you one step by step on video calling.


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