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What Is The Sweet Corn Vacuum Packing Machine?

Mar. 07, 2023

As you know, sweet corn and some vegetable are planted in a special area, because of the different temperatures and humidity. There is a lot of sweet corn or vegetable that will be imported or exported to different countries. So how do keep the sweet corn fresh and send them to different customers far away from it? Normally, we suggest our customers pack sweet corn and vegetable in a vacuum.

mini doypack machine

Here let us introduce the vacuum packing machine for you. Foshan land packing machinery is a manufacturer of packing machines from China. Our engineers have over 15 years of experience in packing machines.

The machine suits all kinds of bag sizes. It is a very flexible packing machine. The bag former could be adjusted for different bag sizes by turning the screws.

There is a measuring cup system to take the sweet corn and fill the corn into the bag one by one. The worker just needs to put the corn on the cups directly. The cups could be customized for different products. Our engineers will design it based on the size of the product. So you could share and send the products to us after you confirm the machine order.

The machine will feed the empty bag, open the zipper and bag, fill the sweet corn into the bag, and then vacuum and seal the bag automatically. The storage hopper could take 100 bags at one time, so the worker does not need to stand by the machine all the time. It will help you save a lot of labor costs.

The whole set of machines is controlled by the touch screen. It is very easy for you to operate the whole set of machines. You could click on the "start" button and open the "vacuum function" and nitrogen gas function.

The machine runs 25-30 bags per min, so one hour is 1800 bags. It will greatly help to improve daily production. You also could change the packing speed on the touch screen directly. The machine will match the worker to running.

vacuum packing machine

There is a date printer to print the production code and date code on each bag directly. You could print three lines and each line with 15 codes on the bag. The codes could be changed by the worker.

The whole set of machines is made of 304 stainless steel. So the worker could use the water to clean the machine after the daily production. It is very easy for the worker to clean and make sure the machine packs the food in the safety.

The above is the machine information. If you also have great interest in this machine, you could leave messages on our website and the contact info. Our sales managers will contact you in 24 hours and discuss the machine solution with you. Our engineers also will provide you with a suitable machine solution base on your packing requirement and factory situation.

If you want more information, please leave a message on the website, and we will contact you soon to provide you with professional answers.

Thank you for reading, please contact us if you have any inquiries.

LANDPACK would be your reliable supplier of packing machines.

If you have any questions about the machine, feel free to contact us or leave your machine inquiry on our website, our sales managers and engineers will be here to support you and provide you with a suitable packing solution.

You could contact us by our website address or phone number, our sales managers will contact you in time and give you professional suggestions. And our engineers are willing to help you to solve the machine problem and teach you one step by step on video calling.

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