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How Is The Horizontal Packing Machine Working Process

Sep. 07, 2023

Today I'd like to introduce the horizontal packing machine working process

horizontal flow wrap machine

horizontal packing machine

The flow packing machine mainly is used to pack soft objects, such as dessert cakes, bread, pizza, and so on. This machine included the electrical machinery and conveyor tail. Let me show you the finished packing product. The firmly back sealing and easily tearing gear-shaped cut edge.

first, the products will be put into the conveyor belt one by one, At the end of the belt with electric eye sensor function for testing the product whether is on the belt delivered to the next steps or not. The film roller was set down to the main packer and to pull the film up to the top of the bag former and wear through to the middle sealing.

pillow packing machine

The product is transferred onto the film, and the conveyor delivers the semi-packing product next to the end sealing part. Finally, the product was packed and cut into independent bags


The 405X machine is versatile in packing different size products. There are some adjustable settings, the first setting was on the conveyor belt width for fitting different size items, the second one is to adjust the film roller width according to the packing bag dimension, and another one is for parameter setting into the touch screen, the bag length value will function to the precisely cutting during end sealing

pillow packaging machine

horizontal flow wrapper

now, you would check the temperature shown on the interface, the recommended value was green and the red was the actual temperature of the sealing device. Once the temperature was up to the target value then we could press the start on to packing the product

If you think the speed of the packing machine was slow or fast, we could find out the parameter setting in the screen to change, this type of machine's packing speed is about 40-150 bags/min

By the way, the optional device was the ink wheel printer or thermal transfer printer, the ink wheel printer available for EXP. The date, code, and lot number are printed within 45 characters, while the thermal transfer printer can print the formula and QR code at the same time.

horizontal packaging machine

Besides, the brush was also set for exhaustion so as to lessen the dimension of the packing. Likewise some cakes, the packing bag needs to fully filled the nitrogen to prevent the product from shape broken and fresh keeping.

horizontal wrapping machine

Kindly note, that the packing machine with intelligent configuration realizes the packing procedure and helps to save the labor cost and raise the production efficiency of the enterprises.

Finally, welcome to visit the Landpack factory, we will recommend the most suitable packing solution.

horizontal flow pack machine

hffs machines

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