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What Packaging Machinery Used To Pack Honey | Honey Packing Machine

Sep. 16, 2022

        Honey is a natural sweet substance that is fully brewed in the hive after bees collect nectar, secretions or honeydew from plants. Honey is a translucent, glossy, thick liquid that is white, pale yellow, orange or tawny in color. The main components of honey are two monosaccharides, glucose and fructose, which are more easily absorbed by the human body than sucrose. In addition, honey also contains various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Crystallization occurs at low temperature, and the crystallized part is glucose, and the part that does not crystallize is mainly fructose. Honey is also called "sweet honey".


        Foshan LANDPACK company, a manufacturer specializing in all kinds of packaging machines for more than 15 years. Here we have rich experienced engineers and distributors. No matter what product you want to pack, we can always give you a satisfactory solution. Honey is a popular product that we can find everywhere. Many customers have ordered honey packing machine from us. We have rich experience in this field. Let me introduce to you a honey packaging line we have made. It is mainly composed of packaging host, weight detector, metal detector, and disc collect platform. The entire packaging line can be operated by 1-2 people, which greatly reduces labor costs and improves work efficiency.


        The main working principle is pouring honey into the hopper first, then use the liquid pump for measuring. The amount of liquid that needs to be packaged only needs to adjust the scale of the liquid pump. Because the honey is relatively viscous and the fluidity will be relatively slow, we generally install a heating and stirring device in the storage hopper to speed up the fluidity of the honey, so as to speed up the packaging speed and improve the packaging efficiency.



        Weight detect machine

        Enter the acceptable weight error range on the weight detection machine. The weight detect machine will automatically screen the weight of each product that passes through. For example, the standard product weight is 200g, the upper limit weight is set to 202g, and the lower limit weight is set to 198g. , then the passing products higher than 202g and lower than 198g will be kicked out, and only products within the weight range of 198g-202g can pass safely


        The next step is the metal detector. According to the name, we can guess that it is a metal detection machine. This machine is very sensitive to metal, if the product passing through the metal detector contains metal, it will be easily identified and kicked out.


        Finally, the products pass through the layers of checkpoints, and the standard products will be transported to the disc sorting machine. During the operation process, the disc sorting machine will keep running to ensure that the products will not fall in the same position. The purpose is to load more products. At this time, staff can be arranged to sort the products here.


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