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Working Principle Of Automatic Powder Granule Packaging Machine

Nov. 14, 2023

There are many kinds of automatic packaging machines, and each machine operates differently. Today we will talk about the working principle of an automatic powder granule packaging machine!

First of all, let's introduce its components. It consists of an automatic feeding machine, multi-head combination weigher, collar former, automatic sealing device, coding machine, and touch screen. His operation is closely related to these components.

Automatic feeding machine: it is the equipment responsible for material conveying. It is different from an automatic powder packing machine. The automatic powder granule packaging machine packages materials like salt, sugar, and other fine particles, which will not cause dust, so it adopts a Z-shaped elevator. The materials are transported to the multi-head combination weigher through the Z-shaped elevator. The material is transported by one hopper after another. The elevator has an excellent anti-leakage design so that even in the case of vibration, there is no material spillage during transportation.

Multihead Combined Weigher: It is a material metering equipment, the material is weighed and then entered into the filling and packaging process. Each Multihead Combination Weigher is carefully adjusted by engineers to ensure accuracy. Multihead combination weigher can accurately measure the weight of each package is 99% consistent, to avoid the occurrence of missing pounds.

 automatic dry powder filling machine

Collar Former: After the accurate measurement of the weight by the multi-head combination weigher, the material will pass through the collar formers. The collar former is the most critical equipment to determine the size of the bag, and whether the back seal position of the bag is firm, the collar former plays an important role.

Coding machine: In the process of collar forming machine operation, the coding machine is also followed along with the operation. The role of the coding machine is to print the production batch number, date of birth, and other text content on the bag. In this era of food safety hygiene is so important. Production date is indispensable, which shows that the coding machine is also a particularly important part of the packaging process.

Sealing device: it will first seal the bottom of the bag tightly, the material is then filled in, and then the film device to pull the film, The sealing device to seal the bag once again on the seal, this time the finished product packaging is complete. Sealing devices use high-temperature heat sealing technology, which can ensure the sealing of the bag, to ensure that the finished product will not appear leakage of materials, greatly reducing the cost of packaging film.

The whole total after summarizing the working principle and process of the automatic powder granule packaging machine, is from the feeding machine for material conveying, multi-head scale for weight measurement, collar formers for film forming, coding machine printing code, sealing device encapsulation to the final packaging is complete. The whole process is coordinated by different parts, and it only takes a few seconds to complete, the packing speed is quite fast!

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