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Precautions For Film Installation In Fully Automatic Powder Packaging Machines

Nov. 11, 2023

The fully automatic powder packaging machine requires the use of roll film as the raw material for product packaging, so the film needs to be installed before the equipment is started and needs to be replaced after the material is used up during the packaging process. Therefore, some things need to be paid attention to during this process, such as the selection of film type, setting of film weight and diameter, detailed installation steps, etc.

The type of film is generally composite film. The main reason is that the composite film is hard enough to facilitate the film pulling device and the bag shape will be more beautiful. Secondly, powder packaging machines generally package food powder. For example, soybean flour, wheat flour, chili powder, cumin powder, etc. The composite film is compatible with a variety of plastics, non-toxic and harmless, and has strong sealing performance. Some users also choose printed films with patterns. The surface of this film is usually printed with a color code. Therefore, after installing and replacing the film, pay attention to adjusting the cursor's electric eye to achieve normal color mark tracking.

Film weight and diameter. The film needs to be the right weight, otherwise, it will be difficult to apply the film. So what is the appropriate weight of roll film? This time depends on the maximum film roll diameter of the film holder. For conventional automated packaging equipment, considering the convenience of film installation, the maximum roll film diameter is generally set between 30-35cm, so that the weight of the roll film can be strictly controlled, and this value is more in line with the requirements of film installers. Convenience is needed.

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Installation steps

1. Open the outer packaging of the roll film and check whether the paper tube of the roll film is deformed. Generally, roll film is a hollow paper tube, which is round. Be careful that the paper tube may become oval or even more severely deformed due to extrusion. If you encounter this problem, stop the installation immediately. Because the film reel needs to pass through the paper tube, it can easily get stuck in the middle if it is deformed. It's very difficult to work with when the film cannot move forward or backward.

2. Roll film transportation. A small manual forklift or electric forklift is required for transportation before installation. During transportation, the film roll must be placed horizontally. When reaching the back of the film roll holder, the spindle is first screwed in and then raised to a fixed height.

3. Roll film installation. After the roll film is lifted, first pull up the film unwinding motor, and then arrange for two workers on the left and right to push the roll film forward at the same time. At the same time, ensure that the shaft heads on both sides are completely inserted into the grooves, and then tighten the shaft head screws on both sides. Because our equipment does not use a pneumatic shaft, there is no need to inflate and tighten.

4. Puncture the film, pull out the film from one side, and then cut the beginning of the film into a pointed part at a 45-degree angle, and then pass through the film transfer frame from bottom to top, bypassing the aluminum frame rod on the film to reach the packaging the front end of the machine, and then pass through the former. The former's placement required special skills to penetrate the film. The force must be even and not too violent. After passing through the forming machine, it reaches the position of pulling the film belt. If the film has slight wrinkles during the whole process, don't be nervous, just fine-tune it later.

5. Pull the film to test, put down the film feeding motor, and adjust the color mark. The newly installed membrane cannot be used immediately. First, manually operate the film tape to pull out part of the film until it is flat. Also, if there are wrinkles, stretch and smooth them with your hands, especially during surgery. Safety needs to be paid attention to until the membrane runs smoothly and the membrane installation is completed.

Although there are some precautions when installing the roll film of the fully automatic powder packaging machine, the whole process is relatively easy and simple, because the fully open outward-facing film frame has no restrictions on the working space and is also low in height, and the fastening unit is also smaller. It's very simple and can be done using simple tools.

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