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Hardware Packing Machine Solution For Colombia Customer

Sep. 12, 2023

Published by: Karen-Landpack

Date: 2023-09-06

Colombia customer


Hardware packing machine

Hardware item: screws and plastic buckle

Bags material: PE film

Bags shape: Three-side sealing

Two different kinds of packages, one needs to mix the screws and plastic buckle into one bag, and one is only packing the screws into one bag

hardware counting packing machine

Our machine suggestion:

Counting bowl in 6 sets to speed up production. LD-420 main packer

The customer's bag shape is in 3-side sealing, and in PE film, so the sealing part will change a direction, and add the PE film horizontal sealing device. Screws can use one same counting bowl, and plastic buckles can use one same counting bowl, as each product will count 50 pieces per bag, and customers want 6-8 bags/min, so 6 counting bowls can meet the capacity requirements.

Match with our LD-420 main packer:

1. Suitable for hardware in PE film packaging bags, automatic counting, filling, packing, and sealing.

2. The LD-420 machine model Max. bag size is in 300(L)*200(W)mm, can for your products size packing.

3. Advanced design concept, ensuring the stability of equipment operation, reducing the defect rate, and extending the service life of the equipment.

4. Use high-quality accessories to ensure the machine is stable and stable.

5. Adopt advanced PLC plus POD electrical system, friendly man-machine interface, and convenient operation.

6. According to the video the customer provided, the machine's speed is 5-6 packs per minute. If the new equipment is also made into 5-6 packs per minute, we recommend using a total of 6 counting vibration discs to improve the measurement accuracy of product counting. (The number of customers' current nails and plastic parts in each package ranges from 44-52.) If increase the accuracy, 3 counting vibration discs for nails, and counting vibration discs for plastic parts are better. (Accuracy will be 99%)

7. Independent control electric box for 6 sets of counting vibration discs, makes the whole process more intelligent and the control system more clear.

8. Chain Bucket Conveyor, for nails and plastic parts collection and feeding into packing machine.

9. Bag size is easy to change, just set the handle of the machine, no need to replace any accessories.

Landpack with a professional team of engineers and after-sales service, we are your best choice!

Here is the video of this product:

If you also have a similar project and want to upgrade to an auto-packaging solution. Please don't hesitate to contact us to get custom-made solutions accordingly.

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