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3 in1 coffee sticks repacking solution

Feb. 02, 2023

    3 in1 coffee sticks repacking solution

        The first uses of stick and sachet packaging machines were for frequently consumed basic products and categories such as sugar, salt and coffee. Today, the need for new needs parallel to people's lifestyles has led the machinery industry to invest in engineering according to the demands and requirements of consumers. Simultaneously with the necessity to offer customers single servings of ketchup, mayonnaise and various sauces in individual single-use packages, machine builders developed themselves in this particular field of packaging liquid products.

        As the consumption of coffee is very large, more and more factories They want to realize fully automatic packaging from multi-lane coffee stick packing machines to bagging or boxing.

        We did lots of the sachets repacked by large bag or carton packing solutions.

        Today i would like to introduce this 3 in 1 coffee powder packing line of automatic multi-lane granule back seal small bag into big bag packaging machine is composed of fully automatic multi-lane granule packaging machine, counting and sorting conveyor and ironing five-side packaging host. This production line is produced by customers in Russia It is customized according to the needs. The main packaging products are freeze-dried coffee, creamer, and white sugar. It can be automatically counted and transported to the large packaging host. All small bags are arranged into horizontal bags. 

3 in1 coffee sticks repacking solution

        The automatic multi-row back-sealing granule packaging machine adopts double measuring cups. , can measure the weight of different materials separately, and drop them into the bag at the same time. If you need to pack a single material in this measurement method, you can achieve independent control, and you can change the weight without changing the measuring cup. Compared with ordinary single set of measuring cups Metering, this kind of metering method does not need to replace the measuring cup, and can simultaneously measure and unload according to the various material ratios of the 3-in-1 coffee provided by the customer. , the dosage is inconsistent due to uneven mixing, and the taste changes. 

        It is more humanized and convenient. Compared with the ordinary box bag in the past, the outer bag adopts the sealing method of ironing five sides, which cancels the The appearance of the vertical seal in the middle is more high-end and compact. 

        How to repack 3 in 1 coffee sachets into large bags ?

        No matter you wanna repack sachets into big plastic bag or Carton orderly. We are no problem to supply it.

3 in1 coffee sticks repacking solution

        Sachets will come out from that conveyor,which will be divide into several lane to feed sachets to the slope conveyor. There will be a counting sensor placed at the outlet of conveyor to count the sachet quantity. 

        During the packaging production process of small bags into large bags, the machine automatically sorts the finished products so that they can be uniformly put into large bags horizontally. The entire small bag into large bag packaging machine production line is equipped with unified international famous brand electrical configuration, The whole line is efficient, stable and easy to operate.

        The slope conveyor would be controlled by the independent electrical box. It drives by servo motor. Which can dock with multi lane packing machine and Carton sealing machine automatically.

3 in1 coffee sticks repacking solution

        If you have other customized packing solutions pls feel free to contact with LANDPACK.

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