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What Should We Know Before Buying A Packing Machine?

Jan. 29, 2023

Purchasing a packaging machine is a serious and long-term investment. Here we have prepared an article about several things you should know before buying a packaging and filling machine.

1. Knowing the product and packaging details you will be filling in will make your job easier before purchasing a machine. When purchasing a multi-column stick packer and sachet filler, please note that the pack width is fixed on the machine and cannot be changed afterward. And the packaging method. if you are going to pack your products by Roll film package or Pre-made bag or Bottle/Glass jar, etc.

2. You can determine how many lanes you need or need for the packaging machine you want to buy based on your sales volume. This can be a single-lane machine or a multi-lane bar machine. Generally, horizontal filling machines are single-channel. Bulk filling or kilogram (kg) filling machines, such as sugar packing machines or rice and beans packing machines, are also single lanes. With larger machines, you don't have many options. But stick machines or sachet machines can be ordered and made in multiple lanes. It ranges from a 1-way stick machine to a 10-way sachet machine.

3. You can determine how many lanes you need on your packaging machine based on your sales volume. This can be a single-lane machine or a multi-lane stick packer. Generally, horizontal filling machines are single-channel. The kilogram filling machine such as the sugar packaging machine or rice pulse packed on the vertical packaging machine is also single-channel. You won't have much choice. But the bar machine or sachet machine is multi-channel. It starts with a 1-lane stick machine and can be a 10-lane sachet machine.

4. Multi-column filling and packaging machines are very fast machines. If enough sales are achieved, the return on investment for the machine is short. People who make scented wipes can pay back their investment in machines within 3 months. It's no different for someone who packs ketchup or mayonnaise. If there are enough sales, the machine investment can be recovered very quickly. The world of packaging machinery is favorable. Packaging disposable wet wipes, ketchup, mayonnaise, candy bars, instant coffee, instant coffee, and other products have more advantages.

5. Purchasing a stick and sachet packaging machine is a long-term investment. A relationship that will last for many years begins with the packaging machine manufacturer. In this regard, choosing the right machine manufacturer is very important. 

6. Regarding the electrical components brand. Popular electrical components brands such as Siemens, and Omron. Panasonic, etc. you can buy it anywhere if you met an urgent case and need to change it on your machine.

7. Among packaging machine suppliers, issues such as quality-price-after-sales service-long-term spare parts supply need to be evaluated.

Filling single-use sticks and sachet packages with the required weight and precision requires engineering experience.

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