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5 tips to make your multi-lane packing machines have a longer service life

Sep. 19, 2021

5 Tips To Make Your Multi-Lane Packing Machines Have A Longer Service Life! 

     When it comes to packaging machines, many customers already have a preliminary understanding. Since the machine is now more and more widely used in different industry, but few people can operate them correctly.

     How should we perform correct maintenance for different multi-lane machines to achieve the greatest input-output ratio?

     After long-term actual combat, Landpack’s engineering Team of multi-lane machine had summarized the following tips for guiding you to use the equipment correctly.  


1. For liquid multi-lane packaging machine 

 5 tips to make your multi-lane packing machines have a longer service life

The liquid multi-lane machine is not only suitable for packing free fluids with low viscosity, such as: wine, non-carbonated beverages, fruit juice, fresh milk, soy sauce, vinegar and edible oil, but also suitable for packing various viscous seasoning sauce, such as jam and noodle sauce.


Because of the wide variety of liquid products, the maintenance requirements of the liquid packaging machine are also relatively higher.


Remember the following 5 tips to make your liquid packaging machine last longer!

  • (1) Any abnormal phenomenon found during work of liquid packaging machine, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the abnormality should be corrected before continuing to use.

  • (2) Check the parts and lubrication of the liquid packaging machine, keep the parts lubricated and prolong the service life, otherwise the service life will be shortened;

  • (3) Check the horizontal heat-sealed copper block. If there is foreign matter on the surface, clean it up in time, otherwise it will cause the conductivity to drop;

  • (4) If the liquid packaging machine is out of use, the residue in the pipeline should be rinsed with clean water in time to keep the pipeline clean to ensure the packaging quality when it is used next time;

  • (5) In Winter, if the temperature is lower than 0°C, hot water is needed to melt the ice in the metering pump and pipeline. If it does not melt, the connecting rod may break and become unusable, or the machine may not start.


2. For Granule multi-lane packaging machine 

5 tips to make your multi-lane packing machines have a longer service life


As we all know, the granule Multi-lane packaging machine is a kind of equipment with a unique purpose, and it has important applications in the fields of medical equipment, food packaging materials, etc.


Considering that, the maintenance is briefly summarized as follows:


1) Refuel regularly to prevent the parts from wearing due to excessive friction. If there is a lack of lubricating oil in the closely contacted parts, it should be refilled in time, and the secondary parts should be protected as much as possible.

2) Regularly check spare parts like worm gear, gear mechanism, bearing and other movable parts to ensure they can work normally. 

3) Ensure the normal working environment and avoid corrosive gas from damaging the machine. Clean the packaging materials on the packaging machine in time to ensure that there is no interference between one product to another product. It is to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the filling mechanism and protect the filling mechanism.

4) Maintenance points of multi-lane granule packaging machine: cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication, and corrosion protection.

5) In the normal production process, all mechanical maintenance personnel should strictly abide by the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the mechanical packaging equipment, and perform maintenance operations within the specified time 


3. For Powder multi-lane packaging machine 

5 tips to make your multi-lane packing machines have a longer service life


Multi-line powder packaging machine generally used for packing coffee powder, milk powder, soy powder, protein powder, sesame paste, yam powder, medicinal powder, glucose powder, soft white sugar, cake powder, orange juice powder

Its technical characteristics are:

  • 3.1)Pneumatic control, simple structure, lower failure rate.

  • 3.2) Using touch screen PLC control system, the operation is more simple and convenient.

  • 3.3) Frequency conversion speed regulation, the sealing knife automatically opens when shutting down, which can control unnecessary waste.

  • 3.4) Bag making, filling, metering, sealing, and product output are completed at one time.


Therefore, the powder multi-lane machine needs to pay attention to below 5 points:

  • 1) When changing the filling volume or material, must ask experienced engineer reset relevant settings of the feeding device.

  • 2) Do not open the door of the control cabinet casually to prevent dust from entering and affecting the normal operation of electrical components.

  • 3) Regularly check whether the sensor connectors, junction boxes, level gauges and electrical components used for control are damaged, so as to ensure the accuracy of the packaging machine's measurement.

  • 4) A standard weighing instrument has to be used (the error is 1/3 of the tolerance of the powder packaging machine)  

  • 5) Check the coordination of the action of each pneumatic component, whether it is leaking, whether it is broken, whether it is clean. Replace if necessary.


With these operations, we have a real understanding of the liquid packaging machine, and operate it correctly according to the instructions, so that the machine has a longer service life.

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