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How to select Measuring Cup and Combination Weigher?

Sep. 09, 2021

How to select Measuring Cup and Combination Weigher?

     Measuring cups and combination weigher are commonly used weighing methods for packaging machines, and they all have their own advantages. In our daily life,the measurement of the machine is a matter for the buyer when they receive the solution from a different company. Some will recommend you the volumetric cups,some said combination weigher is appropriate for you. Actually sometimes buyers are confused about this and don’t know how to make a wise choice. So how can we choose the best suitable one of the packing machine for ourselves? Now we would like to discuss this topic and give you the answer.

The Differences Between Them:

1.Volumetric cups

     A.Application:For the volumetric cups,it is appropriate for the lighter regular product,like the beans,rice,sugar,nuts and so on. (for about within 500g products and it is according to the product size)

     B.Measuring range:the measurement range is limited which can be adjusted by 30% of the target weight. 

     C.Suitable for the small packing machine type,such as 320A and 380A (pack less products)

     D.Accuracy:According to your product size. Different products have different average error scope.

     E.Change the target weight: adjust the turntable of the volumetric cup bu manual working. 

     F.How to run:The product fills the measuring cup to achieve measurement.

How to select Measuring Cup and Combination Weigher?cid=10 How to select Measuring Cup and Combination Weigher?cid=10

2.Combination weigher

     A.Application:For the combination weigher,the application is more widely than volumetric cups. Like the product is in regular and the irregular(potato chips,dried fruit,long snacks). It can measure different kinds of products with strong compatibility

     B.Measuring ranges:Weighing goals are wider. It can weigh 500g or more than 1kg product(the weigher can be customized according to your target weight)

     C.This combination weigher is suitable for the bigger machine,like 420A,520A etc. 

     D.Protective:like some fragile products can also be measured, so it has a protective effect on the product.

     E.Accuracy:The high accuracy of weighing can reach 99.9%. If you have strict regulations on the weight of packaged products,this combination weigher is the better choice. 

     F.Change the target weight:adjust or change the parameters of the target weight on the touch screen of the combination weigher. Easy to operate and change that you want. And it can save your time. 

     G.How to run:achieve the target weight through a combination of several weighing hoppers and achieve accurate measurement

How to select Measuring Cup and Combination Weigher?cid=10 How to select Measuring Cup and Combination Weigher?cid=10

     The above being the difference between a measuring cup and a combination weigher. When you don’t know more about them or have questions, you can refer to the above information to make a wise choice. When your products can use these two measurement methods, there is a simple way to select based on the weight of your product. For example, a measuring cup can be utilized to lighter products, and a combination weigher can be used for heavier products. Or if you have high requirements for the accuracy of the weighing, you can choose a combination weigher. The measuring cup has its own advantages, and the combination weighing has its peculiar advantages. Only choosing the right weighing method is the most important thing for packaging products. 

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