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Could the Packing Machine Fill 100g to 20kg Fasteners into Carton ?

Nov. 30, 2021

Could the Packing Machine Fill 100g to 20kg Fasteners into Carton ?

As we know most of fasteners and nails traditional factory hires many workers to weight and pack the nails and fasteners into the cartons. But the business are always anxious by the 2 important problems. For example, the labor cost and material cost are increasing all the time. However, the production speed could not improve and catch up with the demand in the market. That means the factory’s profit is reducing, which affect the development of the company in the future. The factory will always is at the risk.

There is a signal for the businessman to purchase the automatically machines to help them increase a large of production every days. It is hard for the workers to create such production and work for day and night. Because the labor is limited and not easy to control the effective. However, the machine could make sure the products quality and work for 18 or 20 hours per day. The packing speed is faster than the workers.

Here is the automatically nails and fasteners packing machine made by the Foshan Landpack machinery from China. Our engineers have enrich experience in nails and fasteners filling into bag and cartons. This type of machine could fill 100g to 20 kg nails into the carton.

Could the Packing Machine Fill 100g to 20kg Fasteners into Carton ?cid=10

This whole nail filling machine how to measure and fill 100g and 20kg into carton. There are 3 machine parts consist of the filling solution. Z type conveyor will transport the nails and fastener from the ground to the top of the weigher . The 10 heads weigher will measure the fasteners and nails automatically . The conveyor will transport the cartons to take the nails and the workers to close the cartons.

There are 3 important points to teach you how to choose the suitable fasteners machines.We will explain to you.

First, the weigher must suit for the nails and fasteners.

As we know the packing machines for the nails and fasteners need to work for many hours, so the machine quality has strict requirement. Our weigher is made by 304 stainless steel and thicken material 3mm for the nail and fasteners . More importantly, we will stick the Anti-collision tape on surface of the weigher. It is great help to protect the wigher and reduce noise. So the weigher could serves for the customers many years.

Second, The target weigher is flexible to set.

There are different nails packing weight from the customers requirement. Such as 2kg per carton, 5kg per carton, 20kg per carton, So the weigher must be flexible and easy for the workers to operate. Our 10 heads weigher is controlled by the touch screen. The workers just need to change the target weight on the touch screen. The weigher will weight the target weight automatically.

Third, the nails filling machine is fully automatically.   

Maybe many customers will be confused about the machine how to reach automatically to transport the carton and fill the nail into carton precisely. Our machine could identify the coming carton and let it to stop to wait for filling. No cartons No filling. Because there are sensors on the conveyor , when it identify there are cartons on the conveyor , they will send the signal to the weigher and PLC controlling system to let the wigher to fill the nails.

Could the Packing Machine Fill 100g to 20kg Fasteners into Carton ?cid=10

The above important points will help you to choose the best fasteners filling machine and help you to reduce more labor cost. If you have any question on machine, you could contact us. Foshan Landpack machinery is your best partner. 

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