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tips for purchasing a perfect liquid filling Machine

Dec. 01, 2021

tips for purchasing a perfect liquid filling Machine

          No matter you are planing on new business or upgrade your existing equipment. Investing one small machine or a complete line, choosing modern equipment can be very challenging task. 

          One point you should keep in mind is that the liquid packing machine is the equipment that in direct contact with the liquid. So not just operational efficiency should be care, but also can not compromise on product quality and hygiene.

          There are many aspects need to be considered while choosing the perfect liquid filling machine. The top 5 of the most basic ones as below:

          1.Always consider your liquid features first 

          The liquid status: the viscosity can be very different and some of them could change inadvertently. For example, running free flow liquid and sticky liquid would need different type and shape of container to handle. Free-flow liquids like water could work very well with just timed-flow machine, while the more viscous liquid like honey,sauce might be more suitable if filling by a piston type filler.

          There is bigger challenge to filling liquid with particulates in the liquid, that will require specialized pumps. Small and soft granular are generally more easier to accommodate.


          Please always keep the liquid characteristics in front of everything before selecting perfect equipment. Ensure the supplier know the feature well before they give you solution.

          2.Understand Cleaning Process,Avoid complexity 

          Pay more attention on the cleaning process of equipment.

          All the material should be in line with food grade standard. All customers want equipment can be easy to clean and simple maintain. When filling sachets or bottles, keep the filling nozzle clean is always first primary for hygienic production. The simpler design, the better. 

          Complex filling and packing process equals to complicated maintenance needs. So less maintaining, means less training.

          3.Know about modulation time.

          If you need to fill different size sachet or different capacity. Or you may need them in future. Ask the supplier about adjust time needed for Changeover. Adjust time reducing equals to more operation time for machine, it’s a key factor for high production efficiency, specially in peak season. 

          Quick and repeatable changeover process is vital in boosting efficiency.

          4.Keep an eye on your future output plan.

          When choosing an equipment, please make sure not just focus on what you need for now, you’ll need to keep an eye on the future output also.

          See in future 2~3 years, think about your future filling needs. Look vertically upstream of your supply chain. What could happens and how your product will need to change? 

          Try to make sure the machine you select now will still be available to serve you in great way at future 3 to 5 years. 


        5.Not Make Any Decision Just On Price

          All people want better deal, Always remember that you’ll get what you are paying for. 

          Machinery total cost is more than just components with labor to assemble. You Should also evaluate their engineering capacity, technical support, after-sale service etc. Compromising on any aspects could lead to investment failure in long-run. 

          One big issue for low-cost machinery is that, most problems could come back when you really put it into use and start using the machine. 

          Maintenance and constant replacement of parts will take a lot of time and patience. That’s real “high cost”.

          The simplest way to avoid traps is to ask more expert for references in the area, Landpack will always be your free consultant!

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