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How To Choose A Right Pet Food Pre-Made Bag Packaging Solution

Sep. 27, 2022

Recently, the growth rate of pet category consumption has quietly jumped to the forefront of the entire consumer market. This is a young group of the post-90s generation that has gradually become the main force in the consumer market, and their consumption demand is natural It has also become an important guide for market development. So, what are the preferences of today's new consumer groups? In addition to loving check-in in various trendy places, popular food, and exquisite exhibitions, pets have played their part in the life of the post-90s generation as friends or family members, becoming the main object of emotional sustenance, allowing pets to eat, drink and sleep well. It is a great enjoyment that makes the shit shoveling officers painful and happy. Based on this, my country's pet food market has developed rapidly in recent years, and domestic pet food brands have also seized the market by means of technology and product innovation, and even have the potential to counterattack.

Here is a grand introduction to the various packaging forms that will be used in the pet food industry, and Machi has gathered them here for you. And we have 50+ pet food cooperative enterprises and have accumulated rich experience.

The most common ones in the market are vertical bag-making pet food packaging machines, pet food bagging packaging machines, canned dog food filling machines, and 25kg large bags of dog food and cat food packaging machines

In the past few years, LANDPACK has successively provided customers with packaging solutions of 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, and 10kg in prefabricated bags. At the same time, a packaging solution of 5kg in roll film bags is also provided.

As shown. This is the dog food weighing and packaging solution we provide to Australian customers with an 8-station rotary bag machine. We use a 16-head scale to speed up weighing and improve weighing accuracy.

pet food bagging machine

Here is the Packaging process: bag loading - coding - opening bag - blanking 1 (vibration) - blanking 2 (secondary blanking/dust removal) - cleaning - sealing 1 (exhaust) - sealing 2 - output

pet food filling machine

What's the main feature:

  • Easy to operate: PLC control, man-machine interface;

  • Convenient adjustment of the bag width: each group of clamps can be adjusted synchronously with just one button;

  • There is a sensor on the bag giving station.No bag or incomplete open bag, no filling.

  • Fail to open the bag, then will not drop the material

  • No bags or additives, no seals. 

Such kind of Rotary doypack machine maximum can pack 4kg/bag. Max bag size:300mm width*450mm length.

pet food packaging equipment

If you wanna pack pet food over 4kg. then we can recommend you the other type of Doypack machine which can pack a max of 10kg/bag. 

No matter Roll film packing solution Premade bag packing solution or a Bottle filling solution. 

LANDPACK will be your best partner to provide you a reasonable packing solution.

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