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How To Pack Coffee Beans Or Coffee Powder

Oct. 08, 2022

Pressurized packaging

This is the most expensive method but can preserve coffee for up to two years. The size depends on the type of user: home or bar. After roasting for a few minutes, the coffee can be vacuum-packed. After adding some inert gas, keep the appropriate pressure in the package. The coffee beans are kept under pressure to retain the aroma of the fat, thus improving the aroma of the drink. Flexible non-airtight packaging.

This is the most economical type. It is usually used by small local bakeries because they can guarantee a quick supply. Coffee beans can be consumed in time. Beans packed this way can only be stored for a short time.

Air tight packing

Suitable for bar, home, or indirect supply (supermarket, etc.). Small bags and tins are fine. After filling the coffee, vacuum it and seal it. Due to the formation of carbon dioxide during roasting, this packaging can only be packaged after the coffee has been allowed to degas for a period of time, so there is a storage interval of several days.

Coffee beans last longer than ground coffee. Because the storage period does not need to be separated from the air, the cost is low. Coffee in this packaging should be used up within 10 weeks.

One-way valve packing

Both pouches and tins can be used. After roasting, the coffee is placed in a special vacuum container with a check valve. This valve allows gas to flow out but not in. There is no need for a separate storage phase, but the aroma will be slightly lost due to the deflating process. It avoids the formation of spoilage but does not prevent the loss of aroma.

Today I'd like to introduce our one of packing machines for coffee bean

below are some coffee bean and coffee powder packages from our customers

How To Pack Coffee Beans Or Coffee Powder

Here is the one of Roasted Coffee bean premade doypack packing machine

How To Pack Coffee Beans Or Coffee Powder

Horizontal pre-made bag packing machine multi heads scale features

Language: English/Chinese

Standard Material of frame: 304 stainless steel

1. The contact parts with food: 304 stainless steel

2. Ribbon Code printer

3. Zipper opening device

4. Bottom opener

5. PLC+touch screen control from Germany Siemens

6. Customized device for flat bottom packages (M-type package)

It means one machine can be used in doypack and flat bottom package at the same time

7. horizontal doypack feeding device for pre-made with zipper 

Working Step:

Step-1  Premade Pouch Stack

Step-2  Flip-Out Pouch, Picking Unit

Step-3  Pouch Opening

Step-4  Air Flushing(Option)

Step-5 Filling I

Step-6 Filling II----(Option)

Step-7 Pouch Stretching

Step-8 Top Seal

Step-9 Finished Product

Step-10 Outlet panel

The machine parameter as below

How To Pack Coffee Beans Or Coffee Powder

Above is just one type of our coffee bean packaging machine for the premade bag, we also have many other types of packing machine for coffee bean or coffee powder, all the machine is customized according to your product and package type, if you want to know more packing solution about coffee bean or coffee powder, please contact us!

LANDPACK will be your best partner to provide you a reasonable packing solution.

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