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The Working Principle Of Liquid Filling Machine

Mar. 02, 2024

Different liquids use different filling methods, measurement methods, and movement forms of filling containers. The overall structure and working principle of the filling machinery are also different. Now Lande will introduce the following methods to you.

liquid filling machine

Filling method:

Different liquid products have different physical and chemical properties. Filling is based on the process requirements and the appropriate filling method is selected. The liquid material is realized by several filling machines commonly used in liquid storage tank filling containers.

1. Normal pressure filling machine

Atmospheric pressure filling machine is a filling machine that directly fills liquid materials into packaging containers under atmospheric pressure. This filling machine mainly relies on the gravity flow of the liquid material to be filled to complete filling.

2. Isobaric filling machine

When filling, first use the compressed air in the upper air chamber of the liquid storage tank to inflate the packaging container until the air pressures of the two are equal. Then, under the condition of higher than atmospheric pressure, the liquid material to be filled is loaded into the packaging container by its weight. The process is divided into four steps, namely inflating and equalizing pressure, feeding liquid and returning air, stopping liquid feeding, and releasing pressure. The high-pressure environment of isobaric filling can effectively maintain the content of carbon dioxide gas contained in the product and prevent excessive foaming during the filling process from affecting the quantitative accuracy and quality of the product. It is suitable for filling soda, beer, and other carbonated beverages.

3. Negative pressure filling machine

Vacuum filling is filling under conditions below atmospheric pressure. There are two methods: one is the differential pressure negative pressure type, which means that the liquid storage tank is at normal pressure and only the packaging container is evacuated to form a vacuum filling. In negative pressure, the liquid material relies on the pressure difference between the liquid storage tank and the container to be filled to generate flow and complete filling; the other is the gravity pressure difference type, that is, the liquid storage tank is placed in a negative pressure state, and the packaging container is first pumped The air also forms a negative pressure, and then the liquid flows into the packaging container by its weight. In comparison, the differential pressure and negative pressure types have a simple structure and reliable operation. At present, this filling method is often used in China, and the gravity pressure type is rarely used. The main processes of pressure difference filling are vacuuming the container, liquid inlet and exhaust, stopping liquid inlet, and refluxing the remaining liquid.

4. Pressure filling machine

The pressure filling machine is a filling machine that uses mechanical pressure or pneumatic hydraulic pressure to suck the liquid material from the storage tank into the piston cylinder and then forces it to be packaged in the home. This kind of filling machine is mainly used for pushing and filling high-viscosity liquid materials, such as toothpaste, balsam, jam, etc. Sometimes it can also be used for the filling of carbonated soft drinks. The air pressure of the carbonated beverage itself can be used to directly fill the bottle without pre-inflation, and the foam during filling is released through the exhaust valve. The pressure method improves the filling speed of carbonated beverages, but the carbon dioxide gas is lost during the filling process, so it has a certain impact on the filling quality.

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