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How To Maintain The Vertical Packaging Machine

Feb. 14, 2023


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Vertical packaging machines are mostly used for the packaging and production of small and medium-sized snacks. With the continuous development of the food market, there are more and more types and styles of vertical packaging machines, and the market for vertical packaging machines is becoming wider and wider. However, there are still many customers who are not comprehensive about the people of the packaging machine, so their understanding of the maintenance of the packaging machine is also very rare. Today, Foshan Landpack can take you to know about the maintenance details of the vertical packaging machine.

vertical form fill seal machine

In fact, the comprehensive maintenance of vertical packaging machines is divided into three steps: mechanical part, electrical part, and mechanical lubrication.

Maintenance of the electrical part of the vertical packaging machine:

1. The operator of the vertical packaging machines should always check whether the thread ends at each joint are loose before starting;

2. Small particles such as dust may also affect some functions of the packaging machine. When the probes of the photoelectric switch and proximity switch fall with dust, it is easy to make them misoperate, so they should be checked and cleaned frequently;

3. Detailed parts are also the focus of mechanical cleanings, such as regularly cleaning the surface of the horizontal seal electric slip ring with soft gauze dipped in alcohol to remove the carbon powder on its surface,

4. Some parts of the vertical packaging machines cannot be changed at will. Nonprofessionals are not allowed to open the electrical part. The parameters or programs of the frequency converter, microcomputer, and other control elements have been set. Changing will cause a system disorder and the machine cannot work normally.

Lubrication of vertical packaging machine:

1. Rolling bearings are the parts with severe wear in machinery, so each rolling bearing should be filled with grease once every two months with a grease gun;

2. Different types of lubricating oil are available for different parts, such as the shaft sleeve on the packaging film idler, and the shaft sleeve at the front sprocket of the feed conveyor should be filled with "40" machine oil at the right time;

4. Chain lubrication is common. It is relatively simple that all chain wheels and chains should be filled with machine oil with kinematic viscosity greater than 40 at the right time;

5. The clutch is the key to starting the packaging machine, and the clutch part should be lubricated timely.

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